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On of the great benefits of THE HEFLEX system is the ease of application. Apart from lower installation costs in comparison to e.g. heat pump systems it also addresses the industries increasing issue of shortage of specialists. 

1, 2, 3 ready.

HEFLEX integrates a carbon heat layer into fiber plaster boards as commonly used by the dry construction industry. These can by drilled upon standard drywall profiles or wood slates.

With HEFLEX the installation of a novel infrared heating system has become as easy as drywall installation.

Heating principles

Convection heater are indirect thermal heating systems. A medium such as water is centrally heated, distributed through the building and via e.g. radiators the rooms air is heated up. The warm air rises upwards (lighter than cold air) and generates convection in the room due to thermal differences. As a negative the warm air is at the ceiling, dust is circulated with the air which is bad for allergics and humidity is transported with the air and stored at the room structure, which may lead to molding and ultimately to significant heat transmission loss

Electrical infrared (IR) heating systems though are direct heater. Their principle is similar to sun radiation. The heat is generated directly where it is being needed. IR systems heat up any solids in the room such as living beings or furniture by irradiation in the IR range. The solids store the heat and release it again. As a benefit transportation heat losses and dust circulation as common with convection systems are avoided, a dry building structure is being fostered and furthermore, ca. 3ºC less ambient temperature is needed for a cozy feeling of warmth saving 6% energy per ºC.

The IR principle is advantageous vs. convection systems in all areas and the only principle really compatible with a healthy building structure. THE HEFLEX is based on IR principles.

An introduction to heat reflection  

Today material such as expanded polystyrene is commonly used to thermally insulate our buildings. It is their taget to reduce heat loss and thus, save energy. While these materials provide a temporary resistance against thermal heat loss their effect to keep the heat radiation inside the building is very low. Thus, about 85% of wall heat radiation is lost to the outside world!

Reflection layers though, reduce these losses down to 5%! Thanks to to the systems reflective layer the infrared heat emitted by the HEFLEX panels is radiated back into the room. The effect is similar to rescue blankets used by e.g. mountain rescue services. Hereby, a person in need is wrapped into such foils and warmed up by his own body heat which is radiated back to him via the reflective nature of the blanket.

Furthermore, the use of reflective layers reduces summer heat-up of rooms since the solar radiation heating up the building shell and penetrating the interior is reflected back to the outside.

The carbon magic

Common electrical heating systems are resistive heater and use a resistor such as a cable to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. The issue of these systems lies in their thin nature. A larger surface heated with thin wires automatically leads to heat coupling losses and hot spots. 

The HEFLEX panels though use novel electrically conductive carbon materials as a heating medium. Instead of wires laid upon a surface carbon is directly applied on the panels leading to a surface coverage of over 80% per panel. As a result the HEFLEX system as much more energy efficient in comparison to traditional electrical heating systems.


Over 60% less material cost vs. e.g. warm water heat pump.


Highly energy efficient. HEFLEX design allows the panels to consume power at down to 30% while still emitting heat radiation.


Fast, quick, clean & easy. Analogous to drywall  instalaation

HEFLEX Surface heating. Solution for Anywhere & Anyone.


Faster installation time


Energy saving by IR principle


IR wall radiation loss reduction


Heat element surface coverage